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Do you wear sunscreen in summer?

Wednesday, July 30
No, I dont tan.
Ameli, housewife, 39

Yes, but only when Im on the beach. Its necessary. A bad sunburn is bad for your health.
Giga, bank employee, 25

I use an umbrella, not sunscreen. It costs too much, I cant afford it.
Margo, pensioner, 71

My skin is dark so I never get sunburned. Many of my friends wear sunscreen though.
Eka, student, 22

Id rather cover up than use sunscreen. I sometimes have allergic reactions and Im always unsure which sunscreen to use and which strength.
Giorgi, manager, 35

I do wear it at times, but only if I go to the beach during the hottest period of the day. Otherwise, I dont get too burned.
Lado, artist, 29

I dont really care about it. If I get burned, I use the traditional cure: matsoni.
Koba, car technician, 27

Yes, I always use it, my skin is very sensitive.
Gvantsa, student, 18

I only use it when Im on the seaside. I dont think its necessary in the city.
Magda, secretary, 32