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Thursday, July 31
Russia begins railway troop withdrawal

A ceremony near Sokhumi marked the end of repairs carried out by Russian railway troops on a section of railway in Abkhazia yesterday.

The head of the Abkhaz railway, Guram Gubaz, said he hoped Russian rail troops would return to repair a section of railroad between Sokhumi and Psou, according to the Russian news agency Interfax. He said talks were already underway between Russian and Abkhaz authorities.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed on May 31 that railroad engineers were dispatched to repair roads and railways as “humanitarian aid” for the separatist enclave.

Tbilisi reacted with outrage, stating that the deployment was part of preparations for war. (Prime News)

Ukrainian soldiers training in Georgian mountains

Twenty-one Ukrainian soldiers are undertaking mountain training courses in Georgia.

Georgian instructors are training the servicemen in rock climbing over a two week period, the Defense Ministry said.

At the end of the trip they will climb Mount Kazbegi and will receive official certificates. (Prime News)

Second volume of ‘Encyclopedia of Symbols’ published in Georgian

The second volume of the “Illustrated Encyclopedia of Symbols” has been published in the Georgian language by authors Ketevan Elashvili and Zaza Abzianidze.

The first volume was awarded the best book of the year at the Parnasi literary contest. (Prime News)

17-year-old girl critically injured in Sagarejo mine explosion

Mariam Amarova, 17, was injured yesterday after accidentally stepping on an antipersonnel mine at a former Russian military base in the town of Sagarejo, Kakheti province.

Doctors were forced to amputate her leg. (Prime News)

Hand grenade kills border policeman

A border policeman died when a hand grenade exploded at a border police aviation office, an official said yesterday.

Lieutenant Levan Dolaberidze, 35, had worked for the border police since 1997 and was a senior specialist at the department’s aviation office.

He was reportedly holding the grenade when it detonated. An investigation is underway. (Prime News)

Well-known pianist to promote young Georgian artists abroad

Well-known Georgian pianist Marina Mdivani has returned to her native country of Georgia to discuss promoting young Georgian musicians abroad with government ministers.

Yesterday she met Culture Minister Nikoloz Vacheishvili and Economic Development Minister Eka Sharashidze.

On her visit Mdivani held a master class for young musicians that are refugees from Abkhazia.

The 71-year-old musician graduated from the Central Musical School in 1955 and studied at Moscow State Conservatory until 1960.

She has lived in Canada since 1991 and is currently a professor at the McGill University in Montreal. (Black Sea Press)