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Would you buy ‘anti-fat’ water?

Thursday, July 31
“I have no idea what that is.”
Giorgi, photographer, 34

“I would actually buy ‘pro-fat’ water. I am really thin and have problems gaining weight.”
Irakli, journalist, 32

“Yes, I would buy it and give it to my mother and brother, who are both overweight. People need to control their weight, and in Georgia, no one seems to care.”
Lena, doctor, 41

“I think it’s just one of the numerous ‘magic’ ways to get slim. I don’t trust any of them; the only way to lose weight is exercise and proper diet.”
Gennadi, waiter, 28

“It’s just a marketing gimmick. There is no anti-fat water, as there is no anti-fat tea or anti-fat sausages. It’s absurd.”
lex, IT specialist, 23

“It sounds strange, but I would try it.”
Keti, housewife, 53

“Sure, it couldn’t hurt.”
Maka, student, 18

“No. I’m really afraid of stuff like that. Once I bought a special kind of tea that promised to help with weight loss, and I had serious problems with my stomach.”
Miranda, German teacher, 28

“No. I won’t buy anything like this except with a doctor’s advice—though I do have friends who would buy anything that will help them lost weight. They wouldn’t miss this opportunity.”
Maia, translator, 37