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How would you react if the South Ossetians shelled Georgian towns like Gori?

Tuesday, August 5
“Oh, that would mean war is starting—I can’t even imagine how I would react. I would try to take my children anywhere where they will be safe.”
Nana, housewife, 46

“I will be next to my people and we will shell them back.”
Misha, economist, 33

“I am a man and I think it will be my obligation to go and fight against them. If there is a war I will fight for my country, but I hope it will never happen.”
Nodar, lawyer, 31

“They simply can’t do it. They can’t be allowed to do it. We have a state and we have officials. What on earth are they doing if South Ossetia does this?”
Nanuli, cook, 58

“God save us! I don’t think they will dare do it. If they do, we must react of course, but our government has to resort to appropriate measures to prevent them from doing this.”
Gurami, driver, 37

“I can’t even imagine it. What are the international organizations doing? Are they only making comments?”
Maka, student, 20

“That will never happen. The day they shell our towns will be the day the Georgian army enters Tskhinvali.”
Gogi, driver, 35

“No, they are afraid of us. Ossetians know that our army is much stronger than it was during the first conflict.”
Lasha, unemployed, 43

“I think if there is shelling we will have a reason to enter South Ossetia and be done with all the peace agreements. That may be awful, but it will bring a final solution to at least one conflict.”
Zurab, student, 23