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Thursday, August 7
Georgian diplomat goes to Moscow for conflict talks

Grigol Vashadze, a deputy foreign minister, will go to Moscow to meet with Russian officials on conflict zones issues.

Vashadze and Grigory Karasin, Russian deputy foreign minister, plan to meet on August 11. (Prime News)

British ambassador visits Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone

Denis Keefe, British ambassador to Georgia, traveled to breakaway South Ossetia yesterday to assess the increasingly tense situation there.

The ambassador met with de facto South Ossetian president Eduard Kokoity.

Keefe expressed “great concern” at the last week’s violence in the conflict zone, which has killed six so far, and “called on all parties to work to reduce tensions and renew dialogue,” according to a British embassy statement. (Prime News)

Republicans plan to file suit against Adjara legislature

The moderate opposition Republican Party plans to file a lawsuit against the Supreme Council of Adjara, accusing the legislative body of improperly changing the law.

The Republicans say the Supreme Council passed amendments to the region’s electoral code on July 30 which makes it more difficult for city council members to run for higher office.

There are Supreme Council elections on October 4.

The Republicans, which hold some seats in the Supreme Council, say the Supreme Council did not debate the measure but simply published the amendments.

Raul Tavartkiladze, deputy chair of the Supreme Council Committee on Legal Issues, denies the allegation. (Prime News)

Kartuli Dasi to run in Adjaran elections

Kartuli Dasi (Georgian Troupe), a small opposition political party, will participate independently in the elections in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara scheduled for October 4.

Party leader Jondi Baghaturia told journalists that his party does not expect to run with any other political movements.

The party intends to field candidates in six Adjara election districts. (Prime News)

Adjara students to receive free schoolbooks

The Adjaran government has recently allocated GEL 3 million in the local budget for school books. Previously, pupils have had to pay for their own texts. Now some 56 000 pupils will receive them for free. (Prime News)

NAPR workers at technology conference in US

Three representatives from the National Agency of Public Registry of the Ministry of Justice are currently in San Diego, United States, attending a conference of surveyors and Geographic Information Systems engineers.

The venue was organized by the Environmental Systems Research Institute of America and the International Federation of Surveyors. More than 400 surveyors and engineers will discuss the possibilities of Geographic Information Systems technology in facilitating more complete business solutions.

Shota Chachkhunashvili, head of IT for the NAPR, gave a presentation about GIS implementation within the agency. (Prime News)

OSCE training to discourage international organized crime begins

OSCE instructors began training 16 border and customs officers from Georgia and Azerbaijan on Tuesday. The program seeks to diminish trans-border organized crime and improve cooperation between the state agencies responsible for border security.

The training is being held at the facilities of the Border Police office in the eastern town of Lagodekhi, on the border with Azerbaijan, and involves detecting falsified documents and weapons of mass destruction, illegal migration, and human trafficking, according to a Georgian Border Police press release.

Georgian, Turkish and Azerbaijani border guards have done similar trainings at three other border crossings in Georgia. (Messenger Staff)