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Do you worry about attacks on the Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline?

Thursday, August 7
“Yes, it’s worrisome, of course. I hope this isn’t something that will cause serious problems.”
Jumberi, mechanic, 58

“I don’t care. Let the officials of those three countries worry about it.”
Mamuka, detective, 32

“Yes. But I think it’s part of some sort of political game. Who knows who is really to blame?”
Kako, lawyer, 39

“I personally don’t care if things happen outside of Georgia. If it’s in Georgia, I would worry.”
Giorgi, consultant, 42

“If it happens in Georgia, it would be terrible. We have enough problems with Abkhazia and Ossetia anyway.”
Lela, housewife, 51

“There are enough things for me to worry about—my family, my studies, things like that. I don’t worry about political stuff.”
Tatia, student, 20

“This pipeline is important for Georgia, but I don’t think that this incident is fatal for this project. They will repair it soon.”
Temuri, economist, 33

“I haven’t heard about it. Why should I care, even if it’s true?”
Mamuka, butcher, 43

“If it’s a terrorist act, then I will worry, because it may be directed toward Georgia. But if it’s just a technical incident I don’t really care about it.”
Lado, student, 22