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Compiled by Eter Tsotniashvili
Friday, August 8
“Freedom to political prisoner Archil Benidze”

24 Saati reports that the populist opposition Labor Party is continuing to protest the arrest of party member Archil Benidze, demanding international support:

“Labor [members] demand Archil Benidze be released from jail and are going to file suit in the Strasburg court [European Court of Human Rights].

They held a protest rally in front of the European Council office in Tbilisi.

One of the Labor members, Soso Shatberashvili, said they want their voice to reach the European Council representatives in Georgia and inform them about tense political situation in Georgia.

‘There is democracy in USA and European countries. They can make an influence on Georgian government and help release Archil Benidze. We will address the Strasburg court which will discuss our case faster,’ Shatberashvili said.

Benidze was arrested last week on money laundering charges.”

“Winners of Etaloni to visit China”

Alia reports that winners of the children’s TV quiz show “Etaloni” are visiting China in the coming days, following the Chinese embassy's warm comments made about the show:

“The winners of the TV project 'Etaloni' from Guria will go to China for ten days. According to the Ambassador of China H.E. Wang Kaiwen, this year was the culminating year of China-Georgia’s friendship.

‘This project is very interesting for society and international community. After this project people have recognised me and my wife in the streets,’ reported the ambassador.

As the anchor of the project, Gocha Tkeshelashvili said that following the Chinese embassy’s initiative, the German embassy have expressed their interest and promised him that next year will be Germany and Georgia’s friendship year. Next year, the German embassy in Georgia will invite Georgian winners to visit Germany.

The Gurulebi will leave for China in October where they are planning to visit four cities: Pekin, Shan-Hai, Urusch and Shenjer.”

“Refugee businessmen to discuss new joint projects in Batumi”

Alia reports that businesspeople who fled the fighting in Abkhazia in the early 1990s are scheduled to meet in Georgia’s seaside resort Batumi tomorrow to plan new business projects:

“Refugees from Abkhazia who are living in different countries of the world will gather in Batumi on August 9 to discuss the initiation of new joint projects.

The first project they are planning to carry out is the building of a multi-functional building on one of the streets in Batumi. Georgian officials and business sector representatives will attend its opening ceremony.

The refugee businessmen founded a new company for developing joint projects named GeoReality.”