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Wednesday, August 13
Two Georgian journalists killed in South Ossetia

Giga Chikradze, an editor with the “Alania” TV Company, and Alexander Klimchuk, a photographer for “Itar-Tass”, have been killed whilst covering Russian-Georgian clashes in South Ossetia.

Their whereabouts remained unknown for the last two days. It was reported that both of them were killed in Tskhinvali by members of an Ossetian bandit gang.

Giga Chikhradze leaves a wife and two children. (Prime-News)

Red Cross sends humanitarian aid to Georgia

In the near future humanitarian aid from the Red Cross will be delivered to Georgia.

As the head of the Press Service of the International Red Cross Society in Tbilisi, Maya Kardava, told Black Sea Press, the aid would be delivered to Georgia from Switzerland.

“We expect a plane bearing 8 tonnes of humanitarian aid to arrive today, late at night, or on Wednesday morning. In accordance with our mandate, the consignment will consist of medicines and bandaging materials, intended for the civil population”, she said.

Kardave added that a mini water pumping installation will also be delivered with the humanitarian aid. “We asked for this installation due to problems with drinking water in the conflict zone. If possible, we will organize a field hospital in the region of hostilities”, she said.

The Press Service stated that six local officials of the International Red Cross representative office were in Tskhinvali when hostilities began. “They could not do their work, as they had to hide in the attic of one of the houses. Now they are supposed to be in Vladikavkaz and the Tbilisi Red Cross is trying to establish contact with them. (Black Sea Press)

Dutch journalist was killed in Gori

According to preliminary information, during shelling of the center of Gori Dutch journalist was killed.

As “Rustavi-2” reporter informs from the place of events, Dutch operator died when the center of Gori was fired at by uncontrolled missiles, namely, and the square in front of the regional administration.

According to the same source, a Georgian driver of the Greek filming group was wounded. He is being transported from Gori to Tbilisi to Gudushauri clinic. (Black Sea Press)

eorgians hold protest in Greece

Georgians living in Greece are holding a protest action in Thessalonica against Russian aggression towards Georgia.

Prime-News was told at the I. Javakhishvili State University in Tbilisi that the action is being held within the framework of an EU project. (Prime-News)

France to send its first humanitarian aid to Tbilisi

France will send its first humanitarina aid to Tbilisi. An aid consignment weighing 30 tonnes will be distributed by French non-governmental organization ” Premiere Urgence”. The plane will fly out at 2 PM local time from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport.

It was also announced that European citizens who are unable to leave Tbilisi due to a delay in commercial flights will be given an opportunity to return to France. (Prime-News)

MFA official webpage to be placed on Estonian webpage

The Estonian government has offered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia the opportunity to place its information on the Estonian government webpage. This follows a recent cyber attack on the Georgian MFA official webpage which damaged it.

The Estonian site will now include all information and official statements from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, in the English language. See the following web-page: (Black Sea Press)