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Compiled by Diana Dundua
Wednesday, August 13
“Nino Burjanadze demands that special negotiations start”

The ex-Speaker of the Georgian Parliament and current President of the Foundation for Democracy and Development, Nino Burjanadze, requests on behalf of Georgian society that the UN, OSCE and the EU, the political leaders of their member states, and all friends and supporters of Georgia to apply extraordinary measures to ensure the military action against Georgia ceases immediately, Akhali Taoba reports.

“There is a crucial need for an urgent and radical reaction from the international community. First of all, a ceasefire should be agreed. We call upon the international community to use all bilateral and multilateral negotiation formats with the Russian Federation and launch the peace process under international auspices without delay,” stressed Burjanadze in her statement 2 days ago.

“David Darchiashvili: No one will forgive Russia its aggressive behaviour!”

Rezonansi reports Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Integration David Darchiashvili as saying: “The world is greatly concerned by Russia’s aggressive activities and no one will forgive Official Moscow for its behaviour.”

According to him the whole world is shocked by the actions Russia has taken against Georgia.

“Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is a brutal person, and his behaviour is absolutely unbelievable and disgusting. Europe is taken aback, and its recovery will need a certain period of time, but then it is vitally important that adequate moves are made,” Darchiashvili said.

He also stated that everyone saw Russia’s real face and its real intentions, its brutality and dishonest aggression.

“Norway supports Georgia”

Versia reports that according to State Minister of Norway Jens Stoltenberg the country supports Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as the achievement of a peaceful settlement of the South Ossetian conflict.

Asked whether this was a direct criticism of Russia against its brutal behaviour in the conflict zone, the Minister answered that Norway would offer its assistance to the combatants to resolve the conflict peacefully and achieve a ceasefire.

“We will implement our suggestions within the framework of UN and OSCE activity. War is not the best way to solve problematic issues,” Jens Stoltenberg stressed.

“Ekaterine Sharashidze: Everything in Georgia is working as normal!”

Akhali Taoba reports that, according to the Minister of Economic Development of Georgia Ekaterine Sharashidze, all services in the country including the railway and the airport are working as normal despite the current crisis situation.

“There is no reason for panic. Georgia has both the food and the financial resources to survive. Russia has exerted huge pressure on Georgia, but I want to ask the population to keep calm and be brave, as we are certain to get through this,” Sharashidze said.

The Minister did not confirm information about a bridge explosion in Gori and explained that all transport routes remained open although certain restrictions were still in place.

“Kakha Kaladze: Stop the war, bring peace and freedom to Georgia”

Georgian international footballer Kakha Kaladze, who plays his club football for AC Milan of Italy, has held a special press conference in Milan and called upon the international community to assist Georgia in its attempts to stop Russian aggression, Rezonansi reports.

His special address was published on his personal website

“Stop the war, bring peace and freedom to Georgia! The whole world knows of the latest events in my country, Georgia. The Russian Federation is conducting military aggression against a sovereign state. I, as a citizen of my beloved country, must express my position. Here from Milan, I want to appeal to the international community, the whole world, to take adequate measures against Russia’s behaviour, and on behalf of my country I also want to ask Official Moscow to leave my country. This war must be stopped immediately, we all have to stop it,” Kaladze says.