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Are you afraid that at any minute Russia’s warplanes may put your life in danger?

Wednesday, August 13
“Frankly speaking I was, for the first time, but now even I am surprised that I don’t feel afraid. In such a situation life loses its meaning. God spares me seeing my children die as well as others. The welfare of my country deserves my life.”
ana, babysitter, 52

“Of course I am. They were flying over my house. I really don’t know what to do. It’s very frightening.”
Gela, rugby player, 26

“Maybe it’s a contradiction, but I am not. The only thing that matters to me is that the young generation, on which our nation’s future depends, aren’t slaughtered by the treacherous enemy (which we once considered our friends). They are our gene pool. What if I die? It is not important.”
Maia, teacher, 39

“No, I am not. Maybe I am in agony, but there is no sense of fear left in me at this time. The main thing for me is not to see Georgia devastated. From time to time the motherland needs to be watered with blood. It has also become a usual thing in these days that at any time one may be killed by a blast. Perhaps it is a psychological thing, but I think this kind of feeling may be born only in a Georgian’s heart. Forgive my being rhetorical.”
Gogola, housewife, 33

“I don’t think that civilian areas will be targeted that much. But with the Russians, I really don’t know what will happen. The situation is very, very bad.”
Eka, manager, 52

“No, I am not afraid. I am sure our government will always protect their citizens as well as it can so I always trust it.”
Kakha, IT specialist, 27

“No! We will never afraid of the Russians! We are a brave nation and my friends and I stand with the troops and are ready to answer our enemy.”
Irakli, student, 22

“Yes, I am afraid, but for my children, not myself. They are the most important for me and I don’t want to see their lives under threat.
Naniko, manager, 30

“We are ready for attacks and will fight till the end.”
Nika, student, 20