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Thursday, August 14
Three days of mourning declared in Georgia

As a token of three days of mourning in Georgia five-crossed flags will be lowered and decorated with a black ribbon. Georgia will mourn all the country’s servicemen and civilians who have died during the Russian aggression.

Ilia II, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, has served a memorial service for those who died as a result of the Russian action. (Prime-News)

Vitaly Churkin: Saakashvili’s resignation is just a recommendation

According to Vitally Churkin, the Russian Envoy to the UN, his country’s demand for the resignation of Mikheil Saakashvili is just a recommendation.

Churkin stated in a live CNN broadcast that Saakashvili has good relations with US authorities but won’t believe that any signals have been sent from the U.S.

“Mikheil Saakashvili’s resignation is only a recommendation. He has caused a lot of trouble that we consider genocide. Thus his resignation is the best way out of the crisis both for the Georgian people and the international community. But this is a decision to be made by the Georgian people themselves,” Churkin said. (Prime-News)

US abolishes scheduled joint military-naval training with Russian fleet

The US has abolished a scheduled joint military-naval training exercise with the Russian fleet, scheduled for August 15-23 in Japanese waters, a senior Pentagon official told news agency “France-Press.”

The US military now considers it immoral to carry out joint training with Russia, as a result of the Russian-Georgian conflict, the official stated. (Prime-News)

Kazakhstan to provide humanitarian assistance to Tskhinvali region

Kazakhstan will provide humanitarian assistance to persons affected by the military actions which have taken place in the Tskhinvali conflict zone, - Interfax news agency reports. Sums for necessary humanitarian assistance have already allocated from an emergency fund.

The assistance will include providing foodstuffs, medicine, hygiene and clothes. It is not yet known when the aid will arrive in the conflict zone. (Prime-News)

Parliament to make special statement

Georgian Parliament will make a special statement, presumably on Thursday, concerning the occupation of Georgian territory by the Russian Federation (FR) and the aggressive actions that have been carried out in Georgia from 1993 to 2008, Lasha Zhvania, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on International Issues, told journalists.

Zhvania stated that Parliament will urge other countries and international organizations to intervene in the Georgian-Russian conflict and make a political evaluation of ongoing events.

The statement is being prepared by the Parliamentary Committee on International Issues. (Prime-News)