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What do you think Georgians were celebrating yesterday: victory, defeat or …?

Thursday, August 14
“The Georgian people were celebrating a spiritual victory. Yes, we know we have taken an unprecedented and maybe foolish step by waking up the most horrible monster, but we didn’t have any alternative. Our conflict with them connected with the frozen conflict zones would have lasted forever. So I regret what has happened, but it was inevitable.”
Ameli, English teacher, 27

“What? None of the above! We were celebrating our unity and firmness, and the fact that we do not seek the opportunity to use things against our President, regardless of whether we like or dislike him. We are with him at this time despite his many past mistakes.” Gaga, driver, 57

“We simply expressed solidarity towards each other. We have nothing to celebrate.”
Marika, student, 22

“I really don’t know what they were celebrating, because I think that today we have nothing to celebrate. When so many Georgians are being killed even now it is not appropriate to go round with happy faces.”
Natia, translator, 32

“The highlight of the rally was Bokeria’s speech and the people applauding him. I was shocked that people who hate him were applauding while he was speaking in front of Parliament. I am sure that even Bokeria have never imagined that one day people would greet him in such a way.”
Nini, student, 19

“I was there, and was celebrating neither victory nor defeat - we just expressed support for our country and our government, and that Georgians are united as ever, are not a defeated nation and never will be.”
Nika, musician, 25