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Do you think the government is doing enough to help the refugees?

Friday, August 15
“Yes, I think they are doing their utmost. I have a relative in one of the kindergartens where they are sheltered and he said they have food and medicines and state representatives are attentive to them.”
Niazi, driver, 34

“No. They package everything well whilst speaking in the open air, but the refugees are in great need. They do not even have a toilet or water to drink.”
amuka, engineer, 53

“I think the government can’t afford any further help for them. The country generally is in a critical situation. They let them stay in the schools and kindergartens and give them food and other things. What else can they do?!”
Nino, housewife, 55

“The government does a lot to help them. There are organizational problems, but people help them in dealing with this as well. I think - yes!”
Guliko, nurse, 58

“What else can they do? Of course there will be people who complain, as there is a great torrent of them and obviously it’s not easy to supply all of them immediately.”
Nana, painter, 35

“The government does one thing - it celebrates triumph. It sees hundreds of dead people and tens of thousands of refugees and it has a great celebration in the centre of Tbilisi. They behave as if they are in a fairy tale.”
ukri, builder, 39

“Well, I cannot say that the government does not care for refugees, they are working 24 hours a day for them. Beside this, foreign countries also give them lots of products and essential things, so I think that they are satisfied.”
Marika, student, 21

“I don’t know, it’s better to ask the refugees themselves this question. I am very sorry for them, they have endured such bad things, and they are heroes to my mind.”
Lana, teacher, 46

“Whatever the government gives them it is not enough because they don’t have the most important thing - their homes.”
Maia, housewife, 44