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When will Russia starts withdrawing its forces from Georgia?

Monday, August 18
“These aggressors will leave Georgia very soon and hope that they never come back, because there is no place for Russians in Georgia!”
Beka, basketball player, 22

“They will withdraw their forces soon, but their being in Georgia will never end, as none of the Russians can imagine life without Georgia.”
Misha, economist, 33

“I am looking forward to seeing them leave our country. I hate them, they are killers, and since these events I cannot imagine Russian officials or any of their celebrities coming to our country and looking Georgian people in the eyes. Russia, STOP YOUR AGGRESSION!”
Keti, student, 20

“I don’t know. I do not trust Russia, or documents, or speeches by international organizations or presidents. I don’t know.”
Guga, student, 18

“Will they ever? Russia will do everything to keep them here. Perhaps they are going to leave Georgia one by one. Maybe one soldier will go tomorrow, one the day after and so on. It’s unbearable already. We are sick and tired of all of this.”
Medea, dentist, 38

“When they have devastated everything in Georgia. Russia will see the consequences of its decision and conduct very soon. They will face some kind of disaster, like a plague or something, and this will be a disaster sent by God for overwhelming Georgia, which has the same faith as Russia itself. God sees everything. We’ll see it very, very soon.”
Nana, policewoman, 29