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Friday, August 22
Mindorashvili is Olympic Champion

Revaz Mindorashvili of Georgia won the men's 84kg Freestyle Wrestling gold medal at the Beijing Olympics on August 21, beating Yusup Abdusalomov of Tajikistan in the final.

The 32-year-old former world champion recovered well after narrowly losing the first period to dominate the Russian-born Tajik, who appeared to tire.

The Georgian took the second period with three takedowns, while adding two push outs and a takedown in the third.

Mindorashvili scored most of his throws as a result of failed two-handed Tajik lunges at the Georgian's legs.

It is the third gold medal won by Georgian sportsmen in Beijing Olympic Games. (Prime-News)

John McCain Seeking Meeting with Putin

John McCain, the US Republican Presidential candidate, is seeking a meeting with Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federation’s current Prime Minister, as he recently stated in an interview with the “Politician” newspaper.

McCain said with a smile that he was ready to meet with ‘bad guys,’ but had to prognosticate the meeting’s aspects beforehand in order for the meeting to have significant outcomes. (Prime-News)

Teachers in Gali region forced to participate in rally against Saakashvili

Teachers in the Gali region are being forced to take part in a rally against President Saakashvili, according to the media centre of Abkhazia. If they refuse, the authorities of the non-recognized republic are threatening to evict them.

The Gali authorities have charged head teachers to start the school year on September 1 using old Abkhaz educational programmes. (Prime-News)

Sokhumi demands the independence of Abkhazia

Participants in a protest action which took place in the centre of Sokhumi on Thursday demanded independence for Abkhazia. But Prime-News was told by the media centre of Abkhazia that some residents of the Gali region were taken there by force.

According to the media centre, residents of the lower zone of Gali were transported in the direction of Sokhumi by lorry and bus at 8 AM on Thursday. Part of the population managed to hide, but those who did are now being sought. (Prime-News)

Georgian teachers hold rally

Georgian teachers held a protest rally in front of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Tbilisi and called on their colleagues to do everything possible to make Russian troops leave the territory of Georgia.

Approximately 50 teachers gathered near the embassy with placards saying “Colleagues, Stop the Occupation of Georgia” and “Stop Violence”. “We demand the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of our country”, the teachers said. (Black Sea Press)

Georgian Patriarchate Renders Aid to IDPs

The Georgian Patriarchate has donated foodstuffs, medicines and clothes to IDPs settled in 58 communal sites in Tbilisi.

Aid to IDPs from Tskhinvali region has been delivered in two streams. According to lists presented, in Tbilisi the Patriarchate has delivered aid to places where from 200 to 500 IDPs have been settled. In three regions – Gori, Kaspi and Kareli – similar aid has been provided to residents of over 20 villages, the Press Service of the Patriarchate informs.

The Patriarchate of Georgia has expressed its gratitude for the donations which enabled this aid to be provided to the IDPs.

The Georgian Church also continues to make efforts to properly bury the bodies of those killed in the conflict zone, and has instituted talks on the release of prisoners of war. (Black Sea Press)