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New wave of IDPs in Georgia

By M. Alkhazashvili
Monday, August 25
A new wave of IDPs has appeared in Georgia due to the Russian aggression and the criminal activities of Ossetian separatists and other uncontrolled troops in the Tskhinvali region.

According to information released by the Refugees Ministry, by August 22 there were more than 120,000 people newly registered as IDPs. This figure does not include IDPs known to exist but not yet registered. Of these 120,000, around 100,000 are in Tbilisi and the rest are being sheltered in other parts of the country. There are 670 temporarily shelters in Tbilisi and 89 in the regions.

Since the Russian occupiers have left some parts of Georgia it has become possible for some of the refugees to return to their homes. However the areas still controlled by occupation forces and separatists are not accessible. Moreover, according to information received most of the Georgian villages in these areas have been destroyed and no longer exist as such, so returning refugees will not actually have anywhere to go. This is a clear indication that the occupied areas have been subjected to the same ethnic cleaning practiced by the Russian-supported separatists in Abkhazia 15 years ago.