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Will there be a clash between Putin and Medvedev?

Monday, August 25
“So far there are no signs of any misunderstanding or alienation between Putin and Medvedev. I think they play one and same game against Georgia. Can we hope for a deterioration in their relations?”
Maia, student, 21

“The recent developments in Georgia will affect Russia’s position in the international arena, hence, we can hope for a clash between Putin and Medvedev.”
Ani, teacher, 43

“Probably most of the world waits for this, because there cannot be two Presidents simultaneously. Putin is actually the President of Russia as well.”
Nana, doctor, 45

“I cannot predict anything at this time, although if Medvedev is not ambitious, and so far it does not look as if he is, there will not be any contention between them. In that case, dual governance will last till the next Presidential election, which will bring Putin back as President again.”
Eka, journalist, 32

“Putin gave the position to Medvedev. If he did not want to do this, he would have found a way to prolong his Presidency.”
Gia, driver, 43

“Probably that day is not too far off, and some signs of a hidden confrontation are already there. Probably, the day for open confrontation will come in the future.”
Gega, credit officer, 54

“Probably this is what our government wants just now, and if it does, Georgia should take care to gain as much as possible from the turmoil. But will that day come?”
Manana, hairdresser, 65