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Shortages of fuel and wheat in Armenia

By M. Alkhazashvili
Tuesday, August 26
Russia’s intervention in Georgia and its deliberate damaging of Georgia’s transport infrastructure have caused serious problems to Russia’s strategic partner Armenia. That country receives many of its essential goods by cargo through Georgia. The suspension of transit caused by damage to Georgia’s transport infrastructure has created a shortage of certain products in Armenia, most importantly fuel and wheat.

To try and alleviate the fuel shortage the Armenian Energy Minister has traveled to Iran, although agreeing to obtain fuel from there would be a difficult step to take as it would be more expensive than getting it through Georgia.

There are currently 37 petrol tankers in Batumi which could be used to transport fuel to Armenia. The Batumi terminal however is storing 1,800 tonnes of petrol which is due for delivery to that country. Armenia is therefore sending 40 extra petrol tankers to Batumi. One of six carriages of wheat intended for Armenia is also stranded in Georgia due to Russia’s damage of the railways.

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan are vitally interested in the prompt restoration of the Georgian railway system. Specialists from both countries are assisting Georgia to reconstruct it.