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Tuesday, August 26
Humanitarian aid sent to population of Upper Abkhazia

Schoolteachers and the leadership of the Resource Centre of Khobi district have sent food parcels to Upper Abkhazia, says the Abkhaz media centre, quoting Khatuna Gergaia, Head of the Resource Centre. The aid will be distributed today. (Prime-News)

CRA resumes activity in Gori

The Gori and Tskhinvali locall offices of the Civil Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice in Gori have resumed working, said Giorgi Vashadze, Chairman of the Civil Registry Agency, at a special press conference on August 25.

According to Vashadze, temporary IDs and birth certificates for residents of Tigvi, Kurta and Eredvi are being issued in Tbilisi, at the CRA head office at 67a Tsereteli Avenue. The CRA will shoot the photos necessary for temporary documentation free of charge. Vashadze pointed out that residents of Gori, Kareli and Khashuri who have Soviet passports can apply to the CRA local office and get ID cards. People who lack any identification document must apply to the Gori office. The Agency holds legal documents confirming identities and will issue birth certificates and IDs.

Currently the Agency has registered 118,580 IDPs. 87,121 refugees have been able to return home, but 31,462 will need to stay in their shelters for the time being. (Prime-News)

Opposition leader talks about setting up National Agreement Government

Koba Davitashvili, leader of the People’s Party, has declared that he would like to see a “national agreement” coalition government established.

Davitashvili stated at a press conference held on August 25 that Georgia must have a government which will have the confidence of the people.

“The Russian Duma is thinking about annexing Georgia, therefore the country needs unity and consolidation”, he pointed out. Davitashvili reckons that sharp criticism of the authorities will damage Georgia. (Prime-News)

Georgian Foreign Minister meets with Czech Ambassador

Eka Tkeshelashvili, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, received the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Georgia, Ivan Jestrab, at his request on August 25.

The sides discussed the current situation in Georgia, Russian ongoing aggression and the necessity of greater EU involvement in the crisis in the coming days.

During the meeting, the Czech Ambassador mentioned that the Czech Government has assigned 10 million USD for the rehabilitation of regions of Georgia over the next two years and Prague is ready to host an International Donor Conference designed to promote help for Georgia. (Prime-News)

Troops damage houses in Tamarasheni village

Armed Russian troops forced the residents of the Georgian village of Tamarasheni near Tskhinvali to leave their houses and then attacked the houses with tractors, Georgian TV Company “Rustavi-2” reports. In another nearby village, Tbeti, the population has been forced to dig graves to bury the dead.

The TV company says that the situation is tense in the village of Tkviavi in Gori region which journalists are again not being permitted to enter.

Japan to allocate humanitarian aid worth $1 million for Georgian IDPs

The Government of Japan “will allocate to Georgia humanitarian aid the amount of $1 million with the aim of improving the conditions of IDPs who left their dwellings in the locations of the hostilities”, the Foreign Ministry of Japan stated on Monday. The aid will be distributed through the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

“This humanitarian aid is concrete implementation of the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers (of Japan) of August 15 and will consist of such necessary objects as tents and blankets”, the statement says. (Black Sea Press)