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What benefits do you think recognizing the separatist regions will bring Russia?

Tuesday, August 26
“It will bring nothing, definitely. The situation will stay the same and recognition by one country, which is already declared as aggressor, will not change anything. Russia will further worsen its international position.”
Leila, housewife, 43

“The government of Georgia should be cautious about future developments and cooperate with its friends in the international arena, to ensure the isolation of Russia in this respect.”
Mamuka, painter, 34

“I hope the President will block the bill and it will not be executed, otherwise I do not know that there will be any prospect of returning these territories. Probably, Georgia will lose them forever.”
Eka, student, 18

“Russia will add to its international isolation and probably only Cuba and Venezuela will support it. This would not be the action of a civilized state in the 21st century.”
Maka, lecturer, 54

“This is not a novelty, as Russia had already supported such a bill. Probably it would have had no impact under different conditions, but considering the existing reality, it will be suicide for Russia, showing the final results a bit later.”
Mariam, journalist, 21

“For Russia- almost nothing, but it is a great concern for the Georgian people. It’s awful.”
Nazi, cashier, 35

“They unveil their real plan to recreate the Soviet Union.”
Natia, usher, 28

“New territories. It’s fairy tale that Russia will show its real face to the world. The world always knew about Russia’s barbarism. We kid ourselves.”
Natali, surgeon, 37