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We will rebuild, says Saakashvili

By Messenger staff
Tuesday, August 26
As reported in this paper, a special government session was held in Gori on August 25, led by President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili. The special session discussed various issues related to reconstruction made necessary by the Russian occupation and set special tasks for different parts of government. A new agency, a special public council, will monitor the rehabilitation process and the flow of humanitarian aid, working closely with the government.

As a result of the Russian aggression, more than 100,000 citizens of Georgia are left without homes, jobs and businesses. They have also lost relatives. A special plan to redress these injustices will be drafted in the near future and submitted to the new public council for discussion and approval. The different Ministries will work in close cooperation.

“A portion of the Gori region is still under occupation and the Russians do not wish to leave, although the process of reconstruction should start immediately”, President Saakashvili said. “As Georgia managed to avoid the occupation of the whole country through its unity, so the results of the Russian military aggression will be eradicated through joint measures and solidarity. In parallel with struggling to regain the lost territories, we should strive for the rehabilitation of the afflicted regions,” he continued.