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There is enough food for now, but new suppliers are needed

By M. Alkhazashvili
Wednesday, August 27
The Russian aggression has not finished, it has simply moved to a different phase. This means it now consists of damaging the transport infrastructure and blocking Poti port from receiving and processing commercial and humanitarian cargo.

The aim of this is clear. Moscow wants to create humanitarian crises in the country to pull it into chaos and create a whole range of other problems.

Experts estimate that the country has over one month’s remaining supply of food and essential items. So the facilities of Poti port, a primary point of import reception, urgently need to be activated. Some years ago most of Georgia’s food was imported from Russia but since the embargo was imposed Ukraine has become the most significant food provider and Poti the major reception port for cargo from Ukraine. At present however this way is practically blocked.

Businessmen are trying to find a solution. There are many options available, such as switching emphasis to the Turkish market by transporting goods through Batumi and activating links with Iran through Azerbaijan. However all these solutions will need effort, time and finances to be realised.

Luckily the Georgian population is not panicking. So far there is no shortage of products of any kind. However it has been observed that people are buying a bit more than usual, and here the state could play a most important role by assisting local importers to find a solution to the situation.