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Wednesday, August 27
One more charity event from CT Park

Today the CT Park company will host a charity event for IDP children. About 200 children from the South Ossetian region will be taken to visit the Aqua Park, where professional psychologists and coordinators will take care of them as they rest.

Aqua Park promises children lots of fun and surprises. It will be replete with delicious food and sweets. Representatives of the Ministry of Refugees and City Hall will also accompany the children.

Railway traffic restored

Traffic along the central trunk railway in Georgia has been restored.

According to Irakli Ezugbaya, Director General of Georgian Railway, traffic has been restored near Skra and on the section damaged as a result of the bridge explosion in Kaspi region.

To begin with, Ezugbaya stated, transportation of cargo will take place. From the following week passenger traffic will be reinstituted. (Prime-News)

US Vice President to visit Georgia at beginning of September

US Vice President Dick Cheney will visit Georgia at the beginning of September, as part of a foreign tour that will commence on September 2. He will visit Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Italy.

According to Reuters, the aim of his visit will be to back Georgia. Cheney expressed solidarity with Georgia in the present conflict on a telephone conversation with President Saakashvili on August 10. (Prime-News)

Georgia demands that Russia be excluded from the “Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea against Pollution”

The Georgian Ministry of Environment Protection has demanded that the Russian Federation be excluded from the “Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea against Pollution”. Prime-News was told at the Ministry that Minister Irakli Gvaladze has already sent this appeal to the Convention’s Secretariat, in which the ships sunk in port of Poti and the oil thus poured into the Black Sea are described in detail.

“Russia has caused huge damage to Georgia; it has exploded bombs at the port of Poti and sunk several ships. The ships’ fuel reserves poured into the Black Sea, causing pollution of the sea”, the appeal says.

According to Gvaladze, the task of the special commission is to protect the Black Sea from pollution. Georgia, Turkey and the Russian Federation are its members. Its next meeting will be held on October 31, and the Georgian Minister of Environment Protection has demanded that the issue of expelling Russia is included on the agenda. (Prime-News)