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Compiled by Eter Tsotniashvili
Wednesday, August 27
Gas supply will be restored in Gori

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that Alexandre Khetaguri, the Minister of Energy, has told the people of Gori that the local gas supply will be restored soon.

A check of the distribution networks is being undertaken in order to ensure that there will be no accidents when supply is restored to homes damaged by bombing.

The whole city will see its supplies restored in four days, said the Minister. Damaged buildings located near the gas reservoir tanks however will not be supplied, because the pipeline has been closed at this point to prevent further incidents.

Schools will be refurbished soon

As a result of Russian aggression schools have been damaged. The government has already started refurbishing the schools, Sakartvelos Respublika writes.

Georgian minister of Education and Science Gia Nodia has visited Gori University and public schools to discuss rehabilitation plans. Work will begin as soon as the process of defusing mines is finished.

If we blast the Roki Tunnel they will attack by sea

Political analyst Mamuka Areshidze, in his interview with Kviris Palitra, says that after the Joint Consultative Committee on the separatist regions had completed its work war rhetoric and clear positions emerged from both sides.

“Some representatives of the Georgian side wanted to restore order in South Ossetia. Some Western countries wanted Russia to be an aggressor in order to weaken the country. So, in spite of statements that war would not be allowed in the area, many elements from different sides were interested in starting one.

“A plan formulated in Russia involved them attacking places occupied by Georgians and after this dragging Georgia into a local war. Russian experts who were close to the Georgian political elite alerted Tbilisi to this plan. While the war was going on Russian forces were near the Roki tunnel but could not move. After the ceasefire they could move.

“If we blast the Roki Tunnel they will attack by sea, with terrible results for West Georgia.”