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Friday, August 29 2008, #163 (1679)

Russia plays with words to prolong its stay

The six point ceasefire agreement has become the subject of harsh manipulation by Moscow, which is trying to set extra-documentary terms for pulling back from its “buffer zones”. (more)

Recognition raises the stakes

Following the statement by President Medvedev that Russia acknowledges the “independence” of the two breakaway regions of Georgia and supports them, the international situation remains very tense. (more)

Patriarch blesses Georgians everywhere to protest


12 Georgian soldiers exchanged for convicted criminal


The News in Brief

Russia plans to open military bases in Abkhazia, South Ossetia (more)


Deoccupation, the priority task for Georgia

Since the nineties of the last century Russia has maintained a dominant role in the separatist-controlled territories of Georgia by claiming to act as a “peacekeeper.” (more)

Press Scanner

"Diplomatic relations with Russia should be suspended" (more)

Will the Russian-US confrontation be transformed into the Third World War?
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