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Compiled by Eter Tsotniashvili
Monday, September 1
Americans laugh at Putin’s accusations

The US State Department has commented on Putin’s statement that the attack on South Ossetia from Georgia was connected with the US elections, Sakartvelos Respublika writes.

Washington declared it a “funny” statement, and once more highlighted that Russia bears the whole responsibility for the crisis in the Caucasus. “The US and most European countries recognize Russia as an aggressor and Georgia is recognized as a damaged country,” the State Department says.

The world saw that Ukraine and Georgia are under the threat

Giorgi Lagidze, President of Human Rights Defence of Georgia, has said in an interview with Akhali Taoba that Russia is trying to establish control over strategic objects which will help it widen that control further.

“They say they are bringing safety to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. We should however do everything we can, with the support of friendly countries, to make the occupation forces leave our territory. Russia’s recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia makes obvious their intentions. They have violated all international laws but Georgia’s territorial integrity is recognised by the UN, the Council of Europe and various international organizations. The members of NATO should give Georgia and Ukraine a MAP. Georgia should stand next to Europe,” Lagidze said.

Azerbaijanis living in Georgia condemn Russia’s aggression

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that it has received an address released to the international community by the Azerbaijan Congress, signed by its leader Ali Babaev.

The address says: “We, Azerbaijani citizens of Georgia, express our astonishment and protest at Russia’s aggression in Georgia that has already lasted several weeks. There are victims, there are many IDPs, villages and towns are damaged and destroyed.

“There is a threat to destroy Georgia’s territorial integrity. We call on the international community to defend our country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and the rights of our citizens and to institute peaceful negotiations to restore our territorial integrity.”

Churches destroyed by aggressors will be repaired

The Georgian Culture Ministry will visit monuments damaged as a result of the recent war. Minister of Culture, Monument Protection and Sport Nika Vacheishvili has already inspected damaged cultural artefacts in Gori museums and in Ateni gorge.

According to Ministry of Culture, restoration and rehabilitation activities will start soon.