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What do you expect from the EU Emergency Session?

Monday, September 1
“Personally I don’t expect anything special because Europe was always weaker than Russia.”
Maia, housewife, 44

“I expect very strict sanctions and I am sure that at last Europe has seen what Russia is by its barbaric acts on our territory. So, don’t be afraid of such a huge country and make very strict sanctions because Russia can enter your territory tomorrow.”
Keti, student, 19

“Generally, there are great hopes regarding the EU Emergency Session, but I do not have the hope that it will result in something tangible for Georgia.”
Dea, Student, 23

“Georgia looks forward to this session with great hope. It will be the first sign for Georgia that it will be accepted into NATO and the EU in the foreseeable future. Probably at this time the civilized world will be on our side.”
Natela, Pensioner, 78

“This is the continuation of the Georgian-Russian war. There [Brussels] is the main battlefield, and I hope Georgia will gain some support. It should, otherwise the next victim of aggressive Russia will be somewhere there, among them, in the EU.
Marina, Lecturer, 45

“Europeans generally like to talk rather than act. So we should not hope for real assistance. It will be mere words and several millions for recovery, not addressing the reason for these developments.”
Mamuka, driver, 65

“We will get the green light, buth it will not be safe to cross. Russia is still there, so assistance should include very serious mechanisms for countering Russia.”
Gurami, doctor, 51