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Did you attend the all-Georgia rally on September 1?

Tuesday, September 2
“I was in the chain and it was a really exciting moment. It gave me the feeling that unity can stand against force and destruction. The nation was really united and I hope this unity will bring our nation to freedom and prosperity.”
Maia, student, 21

“I was trying to capture the event from a helicopter all across the country and it was really exciting viewed from above. People absolutely unknown to each other were standing side by side, with linked hands raised up to heaven. It was the true picture of a nation, how the nation is a bonded community.”
Levan, actor, 32

“September 1 will be written in the history of Georgia as the watershed in the modern history of this nation. All perceived the need for unity against the common enemy. This is another struggle for our existence and for our future, which our nation has come through in past centuries so many times. History repeats itself, so I hope the Georgian nation will emerge as a winner at this time also.”
Maria, journalist, 54

“I am refugee from Samachablo and this was a most important day for me. I felt as if the day when I will be back at home is right round the corner. Although I know this could not be, the hope is in my heart and I will come through all difficulties to meet the day when I am back home.
Eka, economist, 23

“I went to participate in the rally and it was a really crucial moment in my life. I think future generations will take it as an example and the strife of our generation will bring Georgia to its desired end – the ultimate territorial unity of the country.”
Malkhaz, driver, 45

“1 September was the most important day in Georgian life. I participated in the national rally today. It was great. Thousands of people, hand in hand, made a great chain, and we cried together STOP RUSSIA”
Natia, student, 22

“I was in the chain and it was really great. There were a lot of people and we showed to the whole world that Georgia is ours and we won’t give anyone the chance to destroy us.”
Iamze, trainer, 29