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Back to the USSR?

Wednesday, September 3
The Russian aggression against Georgia was not just an accident. Likewise, the reason for it was by no means the protection of Abkhaz or Ossetian nationals, despite the crocodile tears of Moscow. The reality is absolutely different, but the West is either stubbornly or naively failing to see it.

Russia openly demonstrated its strength and showed who is boss of the Caucasus. Now however it has been given yet another chance to “improve its behaviour.” It is kept on probation like a naughty teenager in effect, as if this will make any difference.

May I enlighten you, Ladies and Gentlemen! This sort of beast cannot be tamed. It must be forcibly put in a cage. By “cage,” we mean political, economic, moral, cultural, sporting, religious or any other sanctions/boundaries which can be designed to restrain it. Otherwise it will commit another “wicked” act, and then yet another, because by limiting its response to condemnation only, the West is understood by the Kremlin to be weak. Unfortunately, in this instance the Kremlin is probably right.

Moscow now has the confidence to think that as Georgia was taught a lesson, why not try the same in Ukraine, Moldova or any other country?

Back to the USSR?

Some days ago Putin’s President was preaching to everyone that the world should not accept one pole of authority and instead develop a multi-polar alternative. Of course this polar bear has its vision of the world - it thinks it should be allowed to do anything in its sphere of influence, ignoring any international law or rules of any kind, or rather interpreting them in its own way. Consider the way it interprets the Sarkozy plan, embarrassing the French President multiple times.

Let us think in a broader way. Were Russia’s actions an immediate response to Misha’s eccentric decision to suddenly start restoring constitutional order in breakaway South Ossetia, or was it a well designed, prepared, planned and provoked action? The speed at which Russian troops entered Georgia, how promptly it has recognized the separatists’ regimes, its readymade answers to any possible questions about future developments, its attempt to purchase the total output of Azeri natural gas to become its sole supplier in Europe, or current delays with gas distribution there and many more similar details - don’t these say something to you?

According to Medvedev, Russia has a “privileged interest” in the countries with which it traditionally had friendly relations. What does this mean? Russia has now conquered territories outside its borders for the first time since the collapse of the USSR. Russia has also said this “privileged interest” does not necessarily apply to only neighbouring countries either. We can all work out for ourselves where this will lead if verbal “condemnation” is all the West has to offer.

If you listen to the Kremlin warlords, they will tell you that everything they have done is in accordance with international law. Hey guys, can’t you read better than the Russian leaders can? But of course they do not care about reading at all. They will act first and you will read later – maybe, when it is already too late.