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Do you consider the breaking off of diplomatic relations with Russia to be the right decision?

Thursday, September 4
“It was an expected step. The situation between the two countries greatly deteriorated and no relation was maintained between the two countries. So what was the use of having an embassy here?”
Maiko, student, 23

“From the point of view of general relations between the two people it is not the right decision. Many Georgians live in Russia, and Russians do reside in Georgia. So it will negatively affect part of the population.”
Leila, housewife, 45

“As the Consulate will still work, this will not pose any serious problem.”
Marika, cleaner, 67

“The Russians have closed their Embassy, and so has the Georgian side as well. It is a matter of contention who will be affected more, although I think this was unavoidable.”
Guram, dealer, 56

“I do not mind whether they close or maintain their Embassy in Georgia. I hope no Georgian will ever refer to their service. As for the ethnic minority citizens of Georgia, they will refer to the Consulates and Embassies of other countries”
Koba, driver, 54

“Well, of course I am not glad about this decision but it was an adequate response from Georgia.”
Aleko, architect, 32