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If you were a foreign businessman would you invest in Georgia?

Thursday, September 11
“Yes, why not?! Georgia is a developing country and I think that a well-planned business would be very profitable. Foreigners should not be afraid of what has happened in our country, there won’t be war here anymore.”
Tiko, student, 22

“Sure, here people can establish various kinds of businesses. Personally I would invest my money in the tea business because I know that Georgian tea is best quality, and besides this, labour is cheaper here.”
Irakli, economist 34

“No! Why should I invest my money here when I don’t have any guarantees that one day Russians, Ossetians or someone else won’t come here and start a war?”
Zura, musician, 26

“I would build a fashionable hotel at the seaside and invest my money in tourism.”
Kati, housewife, 30

“Yes, I would invest, because due to conflicts and aggression the Georgian Government supports businessman, especially foreigners, who want to start a business here.”
Maiko, dentist, 41

“No, not now, no businessman is stupid enough to put money in a country that still is under a threat of war.”
Koba, teacher, 55

“I would wait several years to make sure things are calm here.”
Lado, driver, 37

“Yes, maybe: if I have strong guarantees of safety for my business I would do it. Georgia needs investments now.”
Lika, librarian, 48

“No, it’s too dangerous. Georgia is not a safe country for business yet.”
Rusudan, student, 23