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Will Abkhazia and South Ossetia agree to become members of the Russian Federation?

Friday, September 12
“I think they will. They were demanding it for a long period, and although they were aware that it was part of another stage of Russian provocation, there was a way for them to step back.”
Leila, journalist, 23

“According to the recent statements of de facto President Bagapsh, Abkhazians will step back as they want to retain formal independence at least, not become actual puppets of Russia, though they are in fact.”
Mariam, dancer, 32

“This would be a great mistake for Abkhazians and South Ossetians, as it would be the start of their physical extinction.”
Guram, historian, 45

“I think Russia will not accept them, as it already has plenty of troubles in the international arena and I am sure it does not wish to add to them.”
Gaga, football coach, 54

“As some subjects of the Russian Federation are already demanding self-determination, Russia will either block the process or delay it for an indefinite period of time, at least until more profitable circumstances come along.”
Marika, student, 21

“I think not, they will remain “independent” on paper but fully controlled by Russia.”
Keti, manager, 39

“I think South Ossetia will join North Ossetia, but Abkhazia will not join Russia.”
Irakli, student, 24

“It doesn’t matter whether they agree or not, they will never become part of Russia because they are part of Georgia and sooner or later we will get our territories back.”
Pavle, doctor, 51