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Georgian soldiers protest against their dismissal

By Temuri Kiguradze
Friday, September 12
More than thirty soldiers have asked the Georgian Public Defender to defend their rights.

According to the office of the Ombudsman the soldiers claim that they were dismissed from the Army. They also say that the Ministry of Defence has filed criminal cases against them, accusing them of desertion.

According to Deputy Public Defender Sopiko Khorguani, who was interviewed by Georgian news agency Interpressnews, the soldiers served in 42nd battalion of the 4th brigade and were involved in the military action in South Ossetia from August 8. “Covered by bombing, the battalion spread out and after that the soldiers returned to their base. On returning they were informed that they were discharged and that an investigation of alleged desertion has been started,” says Khorguani.

The Public Defender’s office has asked the Georgian Defence Ministry to supply documentation regarding the dismissal of the soldiers and the motivation behind this decision. “We addressed the Ministry on September 5, they have two weeks to reply,” stated the Deputy Ombudsman.

Speaking to The Messenger, representatives of the Defence Ministry Press Service said they did not have any kind of information on the dismissed soldiers or the request of the Public Defender.