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What would you like to ask President Saakashvili after the war?

Monday, September 15
“Was everything worth such a loss?”
Madona, dentist, 30

“How are you going to involve the people in your new politics?”
Nana, teacher, 47

“Are you content with the results?”
Beso, engineer, 48

“Why did dialogue with Ossetia become impossible?”
Nino, housewife, 38

“What will be the next step?”
Tina, doctor, 55

“What do you feel when you remember the period of war?”
Eka, accountant, 42

“Is there still a chance for Georgians to return to South Ossetia and Abkhazia?”
Mamuka, engineer, 43

“Will the EU and US support Georgia, and do you believe that they will exert pressure on Russia to defer to international opinion over the separatist regions?”
Irina, painter, 25

“What will you say to the defeated modernized army now? Should they hope for something?”
Marina, teacher, 67

“Were you really trying to forceably regain Tskhinvali or just gamble with Russia somehow? Did you get what you wanted?”
Soso, Taxi driver, 34

“Are you not going to resign after all that has happened?”
Marika, tailor, 76

“Is there a chance to reopen negotiations with the separatists or not? If not, how will you solve the problem of refugees?”
Tinatin, journalist, 23