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Russia damaged Armenian economy

Tuesday, September 16
According to preliminary estimates the Armenian economy suffered a loss of approximately USD 680 million due to the Russian aggression.

The Armenian Diaspora in the USA has asked Washington to assist Armenia. The American-Armenian assembly submitted a letter to the US Congress containing a request to consider providing financial assistance for the country, highlighting that the Russian-Georgian crisis had negatively influenced the Armenian economy .House of Representatives member Brad Sherman has insisted that Armenia needs financial assistance and that by rendering this the US administration will increase its own political presence in the South Caucasus.

It is worth remembering that Armenia is Russia’s major strategic partner in the South Caucasus and Russia should therefore have taken into account the damage the Armenian economy would suffer as a result of its brutal attack on Georgia. It could therefore be argued that Russia, not the US, should compensate Armenia for the losses it has received as a result of the Russian aggression against Georgia.