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Will Georgia get a MAP in December?

Tuesday, September 16
“I think the West and US will strongly support the MAP for Georgia as long as there is no reason to take the grievances of Russia into account. I am sure Georgia will be granted the MAP and this will be a starting point for the final removal of the country from the Russian zone of influence.”
Mako, student, 21

“Georgia will get the MAP as Europe is united now as never before and accepting Georgia into NATO will be a huge blow against Russia from Western society. I am sure that one day Russia will reap the fruits of its unreasonable activities and come to an end like the USSR.”
Nato, dentist, 33

“After the Russian aggression I am sure Georgia will be granted MAP, as this will be a strong signal that the West supports Georgia and the place has not been forced into the Russian sphere of influence by the aggression. As for the message, it will be clear and very simple: no one is afraid of the stupid policy of Russia.”
David, doctor, 21

“The country must do everything it needs to do to join NATO.”
Gulo, pensioner 74

“It is hard to predict this one, although there are plenty of reasons for it and none against. As the West has not given up Georgia to the Russian zone of influence, and NATO ships are in the waters of Georgia, the result should be positive for Georgia. But we should not forget that the issue could become a matter for bargaining between Russia and the rest: what if NO again turns out to be more profitable for the West?”
Mariam, historian, 34

“I don’t think so. There are many reasons for it. I think that the war will be the biggest obstacle for us. We only have to hope that we’ll manage to join NATO.”
Giorgi, engineer 27

“We should be very cautious, and in case of getting MAP should be 100 per cent sure that there is a chance of regaining Abkhazia, either through peaceful or forcible methods.”
Kakha, bus driver, 45

“No, not now. I’m sure in future we’ll have a second chance. But today I think it is not realistic for Georgia. Nobody will forget the things that happened this summer. I mean the war.”
Salome, student 20

“I think now we have got a huge chance to join NATO. Recent events showed that we have many supporters. And I’m sure this time the influence of Russia won’t work.”
Vano, dentist 44