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Armenia’s energy export ambitions

Wednesday, September 17
The Armenian nuclear power station needs to be closed down, as the EU demanded long ago. The country is ready to close the plant down but only if a new one is built. Repair works are being conducted at the old plant and some preliminary works are being carried out for the constructing of a new nuclear power station.

Since 1996 the US has allotted around USD 55 million for ensuring the safety of the existing nuclear plant. Since 2008 Russia has also contributed USD 10 million for the same purpose. Deputy Energy Minister of Armenia Armen Movsisyan has stated that building a new plant will cost around USD 4 billion, twice as much as previously estimated, and it is practically impossible at this stage to determine when the construction will be completed.

Armenia has the serious ambition to produce enough energy to start exporting it to its neighbouring countries, principally Turkey.