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Weasel words require leonine actions

Wednesday, September 17
September 15-16 was significant for Georgia because NATO held its North Atlantic Council session in Tbilisi, at which it confirmed once again Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Despite this, Moscow continues the process of “recognition of independent states,” thus also continuing its aggression against Georgia.

NATO Secretary General Jap de Hoop Scheffer keeps condemning Russia’s decision at almost every official appearance. NATO demands that the Kremlin follows, without any preconditions or misinterpretations, the Sarkozy-brokered six point ceasefire plan, which clearly stated that both countries should return their troops to their positions as of August 6.

Russia needs these two puppet “states,” in which 90% of the population are Russian citizens according to its own definition, only to maintain its military presence in the south Caucasus. Before starting the military action Russia had 1,000 “peacekeepers” in South Ossetia and 2,500 in Abkhazia, officially at least. Now it wants to deploy 3,800 solders in each of these regions, a total of 7,600 servicemen.

Russia continues making its absurd claims. “Things have changed since August 12, Abkhazia and South Ossetia are independent, Russia has recognized them, Russian troops are now on the territory of the “independent states” not as peacekeepers but on the basis of a bilateral agreement between two sovereign states. This is the allegedly “legal” framework within which Moscow makes its moves. Once again the Kremlin is presuming to lecture the world to disguise the fact it is lying to it and cheating it. Hopefully the world has heard enough of this by now, and will not trust Russia any more.

The Kremlin took similar steps when it attacked Finland in 1939, having created the puppet Karelo-Finn Government and concluded an “agreement” with it. The then League of Nations (precursor to the UN) removed the USSR from its ranks. Today it looks as if NATO is aware of the devious game Moscow is playing and openly points the finger, highlighting the NATO position. However if it is a serious organization it should not only condemn criminality but stop it recurring.

We don’t mean that NATO should start a war against Russia. NATO should dispense with its bureaucracy and accept Ukraine and Georgia as full members immediately. Otherwise Ukraine will be next, and not in the very distant future. NATO only has to listen to its own words to understand this.