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Thursday, September 18
Bryza in Tbilisi

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Bryza, at a press conference held at the US Embassy in Tbilisi, once again condemned Russia’s conduct at breakaway Georgian territories.

Answering The Messenger question Bryza also highlighted the concerns the international community has over a possibility of similar scenario occurring in Ukraine, something it seeks to prevent. (The Messenger)

Fire at Mtatsminda localized

The fire on the Mtatsminda slope has been localized, Temur Giorgadze, the Chief of the State Emergency State Service, has stated.

“The fire is now localized and firemen are working hard to extinguish it. Because of the smoke it’s difficult to say exactly how far the fire has spread’, declared Giorgadze.

Giorgadze says that the cause of the blaze is still unknown. The fire broke out on Mtatsminda Slope near ‘Mama David’ in the first half of yesterday. (Prime-News)

Public Defender: There must be bank credit privileges for IDPs

Vladimir Gurgenidze, the Georgian Prime Minister, has recommended that the Association of Banks of Georgia and commercial banks work out a joint position on immunity from bank charges on student loans issued to IDPs. Prime-News was told at the Office of the Public Defender that Ombudsman Sozar Subari had appealed to the Georgian Prime Minister to consider this issue.

After the military operations in Georgia ended IDPs from Inner Kartli appealed to the Ombudsman to resolve the problem of repaying bank credits. Sozar Subari appealed to Gurgenidze and David Amaglobeli, President of the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), asking whether there is united position regarding covering credits issued to IDPs (Prime-News)

Bank of Georgia announces September achievements

Bank of Georgia has given an account of the work it carried out in September.

Kote Tsereteli, Co-Director of Banking Services of Bank of Georgia, stated at a press conference that the bank has opened three new service centres, in Lanchkhuti, Sachkhere and Mtskheta. These offer state-of-the-art standards to consumers and a full spectrum of banking services. 25 people are employed in new service centres.

In the near future the bank will open a new branch in Tbilisi. At the beginning of 2008 Bank of Georgia had 117 branches. By the end of the year this figure will have increased to 150. (Prime-News)

German and U.S. Ambassadors content with Saakashvili’s speech

The Ambassadors of Germany and the USA to Georgia have told journalists that they positively assess President Saakashvili’s speech to the country’s Parliament on Tuesday.

U.S. Ambassador to Georgia John F. Tefft said he saw “positive movement” in Saakashvili’s report to Parliament. “Positive signals could be observed in the President’s speech. The most important of them are his plans for his country’s democratic development. As for the USA, my country remains loyal to Georgia and continues to support the Georgian people in this difficult period,” said the Ambassador.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Germany to Georgia Patricia Flor also expressed her satisfaction with President Saakashvili’s speech. “I am satisfied with the President’s speech. His major message is that he is to accelerate democratic processes and develop democratic institutions in the country. I think Saakashvili’s plans to implement democratic reforms will bring success to the Georgian people,” said the Ambassador.

President Saakashvili addressed the Georgian Parliament two days ago with a report on the situation in Georgia in the last year and recent developments in the country. Saakashvili promised to implement new reforms in the political, judiciary and legal spheres. He called on the opposition to re-engage in dialogue and cooperation with the authorities, pointing out that the resolution of the problem of IDPs was the main objective for the time being. (Black Sea Press)