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Georgian economy to resist two blows

Friday, September 19
President Saakashvili, during his annual report to Parliament on September 16, stated that the country has had to resist two blows: one is the world economic crisis, the other is the Russian aggression. But today the country is confident that it will not return to darkness and hopelessness.

The major task for Georgia is to completely stabilize its financial and banking sectors, so that businessmen and the ordinary population can continue their operations. Huge financial support from international monetary organizations as well as friendly nations would facilitate the successful implementation of this.

There are intensive negotiations underway to grant Georgia favourable trade privileges with the EU and USA. The world has made a political decision to support Georgia to recover from the Russian aggression. Georgia has to use the opportunity most efficiently.

Certain projects being implemented by the state stopped as a result of the war, but Saakashvili has promised that after certain delays all programmes will be reactivated as soon as emergency liabilities are fulfilled. The Georgian population greets this situation with understanding, recognizing the consequences of war.