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Thursday, September 25
Russian subversive detained near the conflict zone

A lorry loaded with different types of explosive materials, including mines, detonators and devices for jamming communication systems, has been stopped by police near the conflict zone. It is assumed that these items were being transported for the purpose of carrying out subversive acts against Georgia.

The Russian soldier driving the vehicle was detained. The soldier and the explosives he was carrying were handed over to OSCE observer mission representatives.

The incident took place in the early afternoon of September 24. (The Messenger)

Government to allocate funds for IDP children

According to Presidential and Governmental decrees pupils who have been disadvantaged by the August events will receive pecuniary aid of GEL 100 each. According to Deputy Koba Subeliani, “all pupils from families who suffered as a result of the conflict with Russia will receive GEL 100 from the State.” The financial aid will be distributed by “People’s Bank.”

Archil Gagnidze, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, said that parents who are eligible for the financial aid will be registered, and that the Government will also give free text books to pupils and cover the student fees of students from the conflict zones.

EU observers visit Shida Kartli region

An advance guard of EU observers visited Gori on Wednesday morning. The mission representatives held their first meeting with the Governor of Shida Kartli, Lado Vardzelashvili.

German diplomat Hansjorg Haber, the head of the observation mission, said that it would be a civilian mission. “This is not a military unit. It will be defined by October 1 where each of the EU observers will be located,” he said, after preliminary meetings and observations have been undertaken. He added that “Georgia has received unprecedented levels of aid from most countries of the world.”

A Tskhinvali representative has stated that the EU mission will not be able to work in that part of conflict zone controlled by the Ossetian side. (Prime-News)

Ukraine will not recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent

Official Kyiv is not going to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Vladimir Ogrizko, stated at a meeting with his Russian colleague Sergey Lavrov in New York, as the Ukrainian UNIAN news agency reports.

The Ministers discussed the state of Russian-Ukrainian relations after the recent Russian-Georgian conflict. Ogrizko pointed out that settlement of the conflict would only be possible by the observance of Georgia’s territorial integrity and the inviolability of its borders. “Ukraine will not recognize the independence of the breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as this would contradict the principles of international law,” the news agency quoted the Ukrainian Foreign Minister as saying. (Black Sea Press)

Abkhaz Parliament ratifies Friendship and Cooperation Treaty with Russia

The Parliament of Abkhazia, which was recognized by Moscow as an independent state on August 26, ratified on Wednesday a Treaty on Friendship and Cooperation with Russia, RIA Novosti reports.

The Russian and Abkhazian leaders signed the treaty in Moscow on September 17. Under the pact, Russia has pledged to help the “state” protect its borders, and the signatories have granted each other the right to set up military bases in their respective territories. The treaty also formalizes economic cooperation between Russia and Abkhazia, and allows for dual citizenship. Russia has also agreed to unify its transportation, energy, and communications infrastructure with that of the Republic.

The Treaty is valid for ten years, with subsequent extensions possible every five years. It has yet to be ratified by Russia's Parliament. (Black Sea Press)