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Do you believe the official figures of the death toll of the Russian-Georgian War?

Thursday, September 25
“I cannot doubt them, because if people have not returned home and their relatives do not know whether they are alive or dead those people will strongly protest. The Government will not falsify the figures as there is no reason for it.”
Leila, dentist, 45

“Probably the Government is trying to hide the real death toll, to avoid mass protests and disturbances in the country.”
Goga, doctor, 34

“We should trust the official records as the Government has not tried to hide the scale of the conflict. The population has some idea of the death toll and is more or less aware of the seriousness of the war and the number of victims that would have resulted.”
Marika, student, 23

“Our government still says that some people are missing, so how can we trust the figures presented?”
Lado, economist, 45

“It was not a small scale war, so the death toll will not be small. I do not think that the Government is going to falsify the figures and the opposition should not try to score points over this issue.”
Mariam, actress, 35

“Unfortunately the war has brought us great loss. I don’t think the Government wants to hide from society the real number of dead soldiers.”
Lali, designer, 38

“The number of dead was sufficiently big. I don’t think the Government is hiding the true numbers. This would be impossible, as the soldiers had relatives and family.”
Lika, student, 20

“Why are we always so suspicious of everything the Government does and says? They gave us official numbers, the loss is great.”
Tatia, economist, 25

“I think the death toll is bigger than that given, because the calculation hasn’t finished yet.”
Tengo, musician, 44