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Monday, September 29
Day of fall of Sokhumi marked in Tbilisi

On September 27 the day of the fall of Sokhumi was marked in Tbilisi. A public ceremony of mourning was held, at which representatives of the public, IDPs from Abkhazia and members of the legitimate Abkhazian authorities laid wreaths at a memorial for people who have given their lives for the territorial integrity of Georgia in Heroes Square.

The memory of the Chairman of the legitimate Government of Abkhazia and Hero of Georgia Zhiuli Shartava, who was killed in Sokhumi on the day it fell, was also honoured. Members of Shartava’s family and the head of Abkhaz legitimate Government, Malkhaz Akishbaia, laid wreaths at his grave. Representatives of the public will also visit the communal graves of people who died in Abkhazia.
(Black Sea Press)

Obama and McCain support accession of Georgia and Ukraine to NATO

US Presidential candidates Senator Barack Obama (Democrat) and Senator John McCain (Republican) have both stated that they support the accession of Georgia and Ukraine to NATO.

“With regard to such countries as Georgia and Ukraine, we must insist on their free accession to NATO if they meet the requirements, and they must be given a Membership Action Plan immediately for this purpose,” Obama stated during a Presidential Debates with senator McCain in Oxford, Mississippi.

“The Russians must understand that we, the USA, will support the process of the accession of Georgia and Ukraine, their natural process of accession to NATO,” Senator McCain stated.

The authorities of the Ukraine and Georgia have previously filed applications to be granted a MAP, implementation of which would form the first stage in the accession of these countries to the alliance. These application were turned down at the last NATO summit in Bucharest but will be considered again in December.
(Black Sea Press)

Parliament approves commission to investigate the August events

On September 26 the Parliament of Georgia approved the creation of a commission to investigate the August events and the Russian military aggression with 110 votes in favour.

The commission will have ten members. The candidacies for membership of it will be presented to Parliament in the next seven days. Chairman of the Georgian Parliament David Bakradze has stated that, presumably, the composition of the commission will be finally approved at the plenary session of the superior legislative body on Tuesday.

According to preliminary information, four representatives of the United National Movement, one Christian Democrat and possibly regional deputies will comprise the commission.
(Prime News)

Foreign Ministry Warns IDPs

The Consular Department of the Georgian Foreign Ministry has warned people who fled their homes during the Russian invasion to avoid contacting people who promise them that they will be able to obtain refugee status in Denmark.

Apparently a fraudulent scheme is in operation in which a group of swindlers is taking money from IDPs as the cost of their “assistance” and then leaving them stranded in Istanbul without passports and other documents. Ten or more Georgian citizens who were duped by swindlers will return to Georgia on Friday, and at least four others are currently in Turkey experiencing similar problems.
(Prime News)

Paata Davitaia approved as Chairman of the Temporarily Investigation Commission

Paata Davitaia has been approved by the Georgian Parliament as Chairman of the Temporarily Commission for the Investigation of the August events. 107 MPs supported his candidature and 1 opposed it.

“I want to thank Parliament for giving me its confidence and ask for the support of the Chairman of the superior legislative body,” he noted.