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Do you think Georgia has enough support from the West?

Wednesday, Octomber 1
“Georgia has always had support from the West. But since the war their attention to us has doubled. I think this gives us a big chance to join NATO.”
Eka, student, 21

“The support we have received since the war is very important. It opens new frontiers to the country for the future.”
Dato, artist, 29

“The only good thing we got from the war was the support of Western countries. Now we know that we aren’t alone and in a difficult situation international society will support us.”
Lela, housewife, 45

“There is enough support with words and on paper, but Russia is the sort of country which will not step back because of words. We need real action from Europe.”
Ramaz, professor, 58

“The more support we have, the better it will be. The most dangerous thing for Georgia now is to be left alone with Russia.”
Kote, musician, 29

“I don’t think that the West should interfere in this conflict at all. We have to find a common language with Russia by ourselves, the participation of the West just irritates Russians.”
Mamuka, driver, 47

“I think everybody knows we are already part of the West. I really believe that the majority of civilized countries are on our side.”
Keti, student, 20