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What do you expect from the EU monitors?

Thursday, Octomber 2
“I think they will help to at least start the process of the liberation of Georgia from Russian occupiers”
Mzia, vendor, 56

“Nothing, to tell you the truth, they will just go back and forth. I don’t think that 200 EU observers can somehow solve the problem of this conflict.”
Lasha, driver, 45

“Maybe they will manage to get our refugees back to their houses and protect them from being killed by Ossetians.”
Maya, housewife, 39

“If they will help to get the refugees back that will be a great result.”
Gennadi, restaurant manager, 27

“I don’t expect anything. They could be effective only if Russia would let them into South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Otherwise they can’t do much.”
Levani, student, 22

“Not much. We shouldn’t wait for someone else’s help. Of course their assistance is important but we have to solve most of the problems by ourselves.”
Guliko, pensioner, 75

“Of course it is good that the EU cares about the fate of Georgia. It tries its best to help us. The monitors serve this purpose as well.”
Keti, student, 20

“Now the main problems for Georgia are the refugees and the lost territories. I hope the UN will help us return people to their homes.”
Maka, housewife, 28