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Will you vote for Burjanadze if she is a Presidential candidate?

Friday, Octomber 3
“No, I don’t believe what she says. She is not a trustworthy woman, because she was saying quite different things when she was in a high position. Now she says the contrary as if she has only just found out what kind of President or Government we have.”
Guram, engineer, 54

“It depends on who the other candidates are, if she is the best candidate I will vote for her.”
Keti, student, 20

“I will not, as I have discovered that she is not strong enough for political battles. When the country needed her as a political figure, especially in foreign policy, she left politics. I don't criticise her for being a member of Saakashvili's team, but she didn't have the right to leave at such a time. She had contacts and some kind of image in the international community which would have been helpful for Georgia. After that I don't trust her.”
Lela, teacher 43

“Yes I will vote for her, as I think she will concentrate on establishing and maintaining diplomatic relationships with the other states and develop democracy in Georgia.”
Diana, journalist, 25

“I don’t think I will. For me Burjanadze is still associated with the ruling party. But if she suggests to us some interesting and effective ways to come out of this gridlock, I might support her.”
Nana, doctor, 43

“Burjanadze was my favourite politician when she was the Parliament Speaker. I will vote for her.”
Lizi, economist, 29

“I don’t know. If she were able to do something good for the country, she would already have done it.”
Nazi, teacher, 59