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Monday, October 6
Shevardnadze proposes to establish international parliament

Ex-President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze has proposed to establish an international parliament. In an appeal entitled “Surviving Strategy,” addressed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, UN member states and all international, governmental and non-governmental organizations made public on Saturday by the newspaper “Svobodnaya Gruzia” (Free Georgia), he says: “If we have created the European Parliament, why should we stop halfway? Let’s finish this process and reorganize THE UN into the international parliament,” Shevardnadze proposes.

The ex-President insists that urgent measures are needed to save the world and preserve all life in it. “If the world does not take fundamental measures, in the nearest future there will be nobody who can read these words”, he states. “Changes in the climate have become more and more harmful for the existence of mankind. The international community perceives this, but has not yet perceived the tragedy of the existing situation, and reacts inadequately to real global risks. It continues to act in a way which reinforces the negative effects of global warming and predetermines the irreversibility of these processes,” he points out.

“Military conflicts, even in such small states as Georgia, are dangerous as they can act as detonators and can lead to the Third World War. By getting involved in infighting we lose time and the possibility to eliminate the present global threats”, Shevardnadze states.

“Another danger threatens the existence of our civilization – uncontrolled demographic processes may explode our society from the inside,” he said. “These processes actually predetermine the future of mankind and conflict between races and civilizations. Confrontation between immigrants and their descendants with the culture of their host nations is one of the causes of war between civilizations which is currently being waged and aggravates with every passing day,” Shevardnadze predicts.

“Along with its positive effects globalization yields undesirable results, depending on how each country harmonises its financial, political, economic and ecological interests, which are able strengthen or weaken the position of any other player, with the whole. According to the laws of globalization, developed countries with their advanced technologies withstand less developed countries in the economic sphere,” he points out. “The time has come when representatives of different civilizations, confessions and cultures should start talks and find the only way to save mankind”, Shevardnadze noted.

“A new programme of action is required, which will be elaborated on a scientific basis. We must provide all the necessary conditions in which experts can manage to develop a Strategy of Surviving. We must act, we cannot lose time”, he said.

As the way out of the existing situation Shevardnadze proposes to set up an “international parliament based on the UN.” “The idea of a world government is not new, but if mankind is on the verge of disaster and for the implementation of creative ideas the corresponding executive structure is required, let’s form a government which will resolve problems that cannot be settled by one state, even if it is the strongest”, he stresses.

Shevardnadze proposes to take the Conception of Ecological Safety of Georgian scientist Georgi Keburia as the basis for further actions. Keburia calls for carrying out reforms in the ecological and political life of the world community. To implement this idea Shevardnadze proposes calling an Extraordinary Session of the United Nations Organization.

“Keburia’s conception must be considered at the UN Extraordinary Session as the UN must be the initiator of its reorganization. A working group for the preparation of internal reform projects must be established,” the ex-President states.

The ex-President also notes the importance of the planned international conference in Copenhagen where decisions connected with global climate change must be made, but notes that by the time the conference is held the UN member states must have taken urgent measures. “If we do not hurry, in a year our problems may have an irreversible character and climate changes and political conflicts will become of such large scale that the end of our civilization and of “homo sapiens” will be predetermined once and forever, as has happened with many kinds of animals and plants”, Shevardnadze said.
(Black Sea Press)

Labourites propose to sell President’s residence

The Labour Party of Georgia is calling for the sale of the new official residence of the President of Georgia, which is being constructed, with the proceeds of the sale to be given to IDPs from Shida Kartli and Kodori Gorge so they can purchase homes, says Secretary General of the party Iosif Shatberashvili.

“We offer two options to the President – either he can transfer $500 mln from the budget for the construction of schools and kindergartens in regions affected by the events in August, or he can sell the President’s palace immediately and deploy the assets for the purchase of flats,” Shatberashvili said. Labourists affirm that the construction of the official residence of the President in Tbilisi will cost the state treasury half a billion dollars.
(Black Sea Press)