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Will you take part in the elections?

Monday, Octomber 6
(The respondents are residents of Vake and Didube)

“Yes, I will take part in the Parliamentary Elections, I always vote, because I think my vote counts.”
Lali, hospital nurse, 29

“I did not even know anything about the upcoming elections. I don’t watch TV, I have no time for that. This does not mean that I am not worried about the future of my country. I am just not involved in politics much. Thank you for informing me about the November elections.”
Natia, office manager, 23

“I will vote, of course, because it is necessary for my country. I have always taken part in elections since I turned 18.”
Medea, medical student, 22

“No, I won’t participate in these elections because I think it won’t make any difference. The last elections changed nothing; this time will be the same”.
Nani, housewife, 53

“I will take part in the elections. I think everyone should vote as the future of the country depends on it”.
Ketevan, musician, 50

“Yes I will. Voting is the duty of every citizen. This doesn’t mean that we should just take part in the activity, but that we think about our future.”
Levani, lawyer, 54

“No, I will not take part in any elections; the Government will rig this one just like it did a thousand times before.”
Miriani, accountant, 39

“Yes, I will vote, I will give my voice for the opposition.”
Ruben, driver, 55

“No, there is no point in this or any election, nothing changes in this country. I will not waste my time doing things that are pointless.”
Lizi, student, 21