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Tuesday, October 7
Georgian border guards have an active week

Last week 7 citizens of Georgia were deported from Russia to Georgia, Black Sea Press was informed by the press service of the Border Police. 20 persons in total were deported to Georgia during the week: in addition to the 7 from Russia, 3 were sent back from Germany, 5 from Greece, 3 from Ukraine, 1 from Austria and 1 from The Netherlands.

37 law violations were reported by the Border Police last week. 5 persons wanted by the Interior Ministry of Georgia were detained. 2 citizens of Georgia, 2 of Russia and 1 of Armenia were detained for illegally crossing the border. 27 persons were fined for visa violations, including 17 citizens of Russia, 2 of both Turkey and Israel and 1 each from Greece, Nigeria, Austria, the USA, India and Lithuania.

As a result of the law violations GEL 6,660 ($4,757) in fines was transferred to the state budget.
(Black Sea Press)

Georgian Patriarchate is organization must trusted by the population of Georgia

The majority of the population of Georgia trusts the Patriarchate moe than any other public institution, according to an opinion poll carried by weekly newspaper Kviris Palitra.

Of the 527 respondents, 91% stated that they trusted it. It had a poll rating of 7.81 points. The independent mass media was the second most trusted organization, garnering 6.32 points, while the Ombudsman’s Office took third place with 5.88 points. Of the rest, NGOs had a ranking of 4.60 points, the patrol police 4.22, the Parliament of Georgia 2.98, the Tbilisi Municipality 2.65 and the judicial system 1.55 points.
(Black Sea Press)

Body of Captain discovered

The body of the Captain of Ukrainian the dredger Skadovsk, which sank in the Black Sea near the Georgian port of Kulevi on October 3, has been discovered. The search for one more member of the crew is being continued, the Press Centre of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine announced on Monday, referring to the Consulate of Ukraine in Batumi.

The dredger Skadovsk, with a crew of 33 (all citizens of Ukraine) was carrying out deepening works in the region of the port. On Friday morning it turned over, for reasons presently unknown. On the same day the bodies of two dead sailors were found.

“According to the information of the Consulate, on October 5 at 17.00 the body of Captain Valeri Burdeini was found. After all documents have been drafted, the body of the Captain will be transported to Ukraine on October 6 by ferry. At the present time the search for one further missing member of the crew is being continued,” the statement says.
(Black Sea Press)

Relations between Kazakhstan and Russian Federation will not change

Kazakhstan does not intend to review its relations with Russia because of events in the Caucasus, the Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, Marat Tazhin, stated at a joint briefing with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, RIA Novosti agency informs.

“Our relations with Russia are excellent, we have politically correct relations. Russia is our strategic partner, and, from my point of view, all issues concerning changes in the level of our interrelations have been purely invented as matters for discussion by experts and the mass media”, Tazhin noted, in answering the question of whether recent events in the Caucasus would have an impact on the foreign policy of Kazakhstan.

The Minister also noted that relations between Astana and Washington “are stable in nature and strategic.” Rice in turn noted that the USA “does not compete for the love of Kazakhstan with other countries in the region. Kazakhstan has excellent relations with all its neighbours, as it must, and good relations with the USA and European countries,” she said.

“Our relations with Kazakhstan are based on mutual respect, transparency and our wish to see a more open and flourishing society in Kazakhstan and the whole of Central Asia”, Rice noted.
(Black Sea Press)