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Which of Georgia’s neighbouring countries do you think is the friendliest?

Tuesday, Octomber 7
“I think that Azerbaijan and Turkey are the most reliable partners now.”
Oksana, student, 19

“Probably Turkey, it has helped us a lot after the conflict. I hope that Georgia will be able to maintain friendly relations with the Turks.”
Ramazi, driver, 55

“I would say Azerbaijan. I remember that when there was panic due to the rumour that the Russians would enter Tbilisi I intended to take my family to Baku, I was sure they would have accepted us.”
Pavle, businessmen, 47

“I think Azerbaijan is the friendliest, because they have the same sort of conflict in Karabakh, Azeris can understand our pain over Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”
Lado, bartender, 27

“I think Armenia is, despite the lack of the support from the Armenian Government. I know for sure that many people left for Armenia in August.”
Lamara, vendor, 40

“Turkey is the country that has supported us all the time. Turkey as a member of NATO is a very important ally for Georgia.”
Kote, musician, 33

“I don’t really think that Georgia has any friendly neighbours now. All of them are interested in Georgia’s weakness. Not a single neighbour really helped us during the war.”
Rati, retired, 67

“Definitely, Azerbaijan is the friendliest country, it is not as bound to the Russians as the Armenians or as dependent on the USA as Turkey.”
Lika, translator, 28

“I think that all our neighbours, including Russia, can be friends to us, it all depends on the policy of Georgia.”
Keti, student, 21